Vegetation Control and Fencing work

As the NYMR has over 37 linear miles of fencing and walls to look after, including ditches, drains and vegetation. All Permanent Way Department members have involvement with upkeep, repair and maintenance at some time or another. In addition to this, two dedicated volunteer teams exist.

The Vegetation Management Team. Its posh title, managed by Ian Wallis. If you like working in the countryside, cutting things down, building things up, unblocking water courses or feeding bonfires, then this is for you.

At the moment, Ian has dedicated Wednesdays to dry stone walling, and Thursdays and Fridays to vegetation cutting. These two days involve locations at different sites, currently one being at Goathland Summit and the other near Hunting Bridge, just north of Pickering.

The Fencing Team is led by Richard Simpson. Here the main thrust is on the repairing and renewal of the traditional North Eastern Railway pattern five bar fences. This often involves cutting down vegetation to get to them.

Other work includes the regular cleaning down and painting of bridge handrails and clearing parapets of growth.

Volunteers regularly mix and match between disciplines and teams. So, whatever your preference or location. Ian and Richard can happily accommodate your requirements.

If you are interested in Volunteering or want to get in touch, then please Click Here.