Tamper 73250

Type: 07 Series 5/6 Tamper.
Built: 1977 Linz, Austria.
Build Number: 1465.
Engine: Rolls Royce C6TFL.
Transmission: Twin Disc Power Shift.
Weight: 44 Tonnes.
Brakes: Standard Indirect and Direct Systems.
Hydraulic System: 140 Bar (2030 PSI).
Capable Transit Speed: 50 MPH.

Tamper History.

Originally bought and used by British Rail, London Midland Region in the 1970’s, This Tamper transferred ownership to Carillion during BR Privatisation. It continued active service with BR main lines around Watford mainly 3rd rail lines till after the year 2000.

Arrival at the NYMR.

Vehicle sold to members of the Kent & East Sussex railway in April 2007. Vehicle was then inspected by YAG members for potential purchase March 2013. After successful purchase by the York Area Group, the vehicle arrived to the NYMR in June 2013.

A lot of time is currently being spent on this by volunteers to bring it into better condition including some cab bodywork repairs, re-wiring, calibration, repairs, servicing and operator/maintenance training.

Mainly used during the winter track renewal period and has proved to be vital equipment with much improved track geometry.

What does it do?

Aligns the track.

1: Crosslevel (or transverse level i.e. difference in height between the left and right rail).

2: Lining (or horizontal alignment).

3: Lift (or track top/vertical alignment).

The machine measures the track geometry then lifts and slews the track into the required position, it then packs ballast under the sleepers to hold the track in the required position. It is surprising how flexible steel rails are.


Mainly maintained and operated by volunteers, the machine proves a vital piece of equipment to ensure correctly aligned track, providing a smooth ride.

Due to the machine complexity, it demands many maintenance hours and repairs, therefore we are always looking for volunteers to help with this machine.