Special Projects

These can vary in size from the very large and expensive, such as the renewal of the major bridges on the line, down to smaller activities, which either enhance the historical ambience of the line or provide additional facilities. Examples include: –

Track side furniture

Many of the gradient boards on the line, which indicate to train crews a change of incline, were either missing or in an advanced state of disrepair, when we took over. In recent years, these have been progressively replaced with brand new boards and supporting posts to the original North Eastern Railway specification, utilising the original cast numbers where applicable and casting new replicas where necessary. This work has been financed by the York Area Group.

A similar programme has been implemented for whistle boards, which help protect the users of the numerous pedestrian and vehicular crossings on the railway. Here, the modern metal ‘road sign’ type circular W boards have been largely replaced by traditional wooden ones to an LNER specification, as have a number of wooden ones installed in the early days of the railway, which were in an advanced state of decay. Once again, this work has been financed by the York Area Group.

Work on replacing either damaged or missing cast mileposts continues, as part of the same programme.

New Bridge Depot Stores Floor

Work has been undertaken recently to expand the spares and fixings storage facility on the mezzanine floor of the New Bridge Depot. The old adage used to be that your first member of staff should be a storeman, as without this facility, a lot of time can be wasted either looking for the material you require or purchasing stuff you already have, if only you knew of its existence!

A start has been made on populating a computerised inventory of our assets in this area, but we could do with someone with engineering store keeping knowledge to help progress this further. Can you help in this area or any other areas? Then CLICK HERE.