Track Maintenance & Renewal

Since the beginning in 1968, Sunday has traditionally been the ‘volunteer’ day in the Permanent Way Department, but these days, volunteering on any day of the week can readily be accommodated and actively encouraged. A large 365- day wall planner in the signing on Portakabin helps match volunteer availability to the work programme, whether you are able to offer the occasional day, or a regular commitment.

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If you like being out in the glorious North Yorkshire countryside, or prefer getting involved on more technical matters in the yard or the P. Way depot at New Bridge, suitable training will be given.

Tasks include the regular patrolling of the track where you are looking for faults and correcting them, the loading and unloading of track materials from and to road and rail in the yard, or accompanying engineering trains to site to carry out the same slinging tasks.

Other work can include the assessment and refurbishment of track fastenings, the assembly of track components into larger units, the inspection and maintenance of ditches, the repairing and maintenance of fences and gates and at times and the herding of trespassing sheep (and even llamas) on occasion. Activity steps up a gear after the end of the operating season in October, working round the winter Santa & Christmas specials and February half term running. During this closed season major track renewal takes place. Though largely mechanised these days, there is still plenty to do in site survey and measuring work, dismantling the old track, preparing the track bed and the laying out and assembly of new sleepers, fittings and rail, before ballasting and alignment. Want to get involved? Then CLICK HERE.