Below, some video’s of volunteer work.

Below, operation of Tamper 73250 on the Esk Valley Track Renewal in March 2019.

Below, Operation of Tamper 73250 at the new carriage stable in April 2021.

Below, the Ballast Regulator working on the land slip at beck Hole in April 2021.

Going back to February 2010, after a lot of work on the newly acquired Plasser Crane, it is pressed into use for the first time installing sleepers and rails on the new replaced Bridge 30.

Going back to 2012, the Ballast Regulator is used to profile new ballast before the old Tamper 73214 aligns the track at the Newbridge site renewal.

Back to February 2016, Tamper 73250 is used at the Kingthorpe/Hunting Bridge track renewal site.

Working into the night in winter 2015, Tamper 73250 and the Ballast Regulator working when the snow started to fall, a long cold night but all track work completed.

February 2014, quite a challenge, 1.2 miles of track to Tamp and Regulate!

Hunting Bridge February 2014, after taking delivery of Tamper 73250 and carrying out a lot of repairs, servicing and operator training, this was the very first time this machine worked on the NYMR with great results!

Going back to March 2012, the old Tamper 73214 working on a renewal site close to the Newbridge depot, another great job completed!